Need a Juicer

I’ve been using my blender and it is good but not very good for juicing.  I need a juicer and need help finding one that is good and will serve my needs.  Any help?




2 thoughts on “Need a Juicer

  1. My husband and I have been juicing for a bit now and maybe I can help. What are you looking for it to do? We started out with a simple garage sale Juiceman II and have since upgraded to a Hurom slow juicer. I think it’s the best investment we’ve made! I am not sure where you live but craigslist is a great place to find used good items. We bought our juicer almost brand new off CL and got a decent dicount 🙂 I love saving money. LOL My suggestion is to get a juicer like Omega or Hurom something with an auger it is suppose to extract better juice. Check out this guy’s youtube channel. We watched a bunch of his reviews before deciding on which one to buy. It’s an investment and you don’t want to buy the wrong one. 🙂

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