Day 4 of Juice Fast

So the day started out pretty good.  I go up and had my green drink and then I had a hot lemon and ginger drink.  I was doing fine.  Around 9pm I got a craving for something.  I ended ordering Pizza from Pizza Hut.  I am so sad and unhappy with myself.  I ate half the Pizza before going to bed.  I feel like a failure.  😦

Today I am planning to over come my weakness with food.  I’ve got to do better.  I just need support and I don’t have any.  Not sure what today will be but so far so good.  I went for a walk around 5am and I am drinking my lemon and ginger hot water.  I pray I stay strong today.  If you can post some encouragement for me, I need all the help I can get.  On to Day 5……Oh no real weight lost yet, I guess I have hampered myself by eating.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 of Juice Fast

  1. Oh lady… don’t beat yourself up too much. We ALL do this, we all feel this way and we all fail from time to time. But it’s about getting back up and moving on. Forgive yourself and start new. 🙂 Life has too many pressures and it’s easy to get fall into them. I would offer myself to be some support for you, I can give you my email address and we can communicate that way if you need some help during some weakness I can be there for you. It’s a hard journey to do alone! My thoughts are these, what are your main cravings for? Mine were always sweets so I would eat bowls of strawberries, pineapple and banana. It would cut that craving down and I didn’t “cheat.” If your a salt/savory type of person, keep nuts around. You can easily make some good tasting almonds for example (here’s a video that can show you how A simple garlic and nutritional yeast almond would be really good, no salt added but the nutritional yeast gives you that salty taste. We ate a lot of avocados as well with the nutritional yeast (different than brewers yeast, but can be bought at most health food stores or my favorite
    Just pull up your straps and move forward. If you are DYING for a pizza, then make one yourself with no meat. We do that a lot in our house. A simple no yeast pizza dough can be found online, get some organic pizza sauce (or just organic tomato paste) and load it up with veggies. We use mozzarella cheese because it doesn’t have any added color etc. Good luck sweetie! You really will feel amazing after a week. Once the growing season gets up and going here I plan on doing another week fast.

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