As you all know my husband is in the Army.  He is going to another Post and he wants me to be there with him.  It is a temporary duty station so I was not sure if I should go.  He will be there for about 2 1/2 months.  I would have to pack up the house and put our things in storage for that time to afford living there with him.  The Army is not going to pay for me to go with him.  We can not afford to pay for the house and pay for a long-term stay hotel.  What do you think?  Should I put our things in storage and move there with him or should I just waited out?


He says he needs me.  We have not lived in the same house in a year now and he says it is effecting him so I was thinking about going.  It would be an adventure for us both and I may never get an opportunity to see that state again.  I just need help in making this discussion by the end of the week……HELP!


2 thoughts on “Moving?

  1. It might be a amazing time for the both of you to grow better as a couple. I believe that God wants us together as married people… why not!? You’ll be with your sweetie! Go spend time with him, if he wants and needs that from you. You’re in it together right? Think of it as an adventure and it’s only a couple months. That’s my 2 cents 😉

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