Starting The Day Off Right!

Carrots, Green Peppers, Garlic, Cucumbers, Oranges, kale, Spinach, Celery, Green apples, Tomatoes, lemon, lime, ginger, and cayenne pepper

In an effort to do better than I’ve done I am starting my day with a large glass of juice and I will follow it with water.  I often start out good but by lunch I am slipping down the slop and I fail by dinner time.  Then around 9pm I seem to really fall off and eat things I should not and do not want to eat any more.

Watching the movie by Joe Cross “Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead” only told of the benefits of juicing and how it would improve your health.  It made me want to do this but what Mr. Cross failed to tell you in the movie was how hard it was to get started and stick with it.  He gave you a little portion at the beginning but I did know see him really fighting not to eat.

My diet consisted of junk food followed by sodas and more junk food.  I would eat all the time and did not really care what I ate so long as it was not meat.  Being a Vegetarian does not mean healthy.  It also does not mean you eat right or that your are not over weight.  I am over weight, and I don’t eat right.  So how do I change?  Well, I must find a way to get over the urge to go back to my old ways.  This is the hard part of juicing.  We all know that juicing is good for you and will help in restoring your health but what we don’t often pay attention to is how much the things that we do that are bad have become a part of our daily lives.  How much we depend on them to help us cope with what evers………

I am going to bet this and find a way to resolve my issues with weight.  I must do this before I am to sick to change.  In our lives today we look for the quick and easy way to get the weight off.  It was not easy putting it on so why should it be easy taking it off?  We don’t pay attention to how hard it was to gain the weight because we are enjoying the food too much.  It took me years to gain all this weight.  It was not over night.  It will take me time to loss it all but I will do it.  With the help of God I know I will be successful, in spite of the failures I’ve suffered over the past few weeks.  Going forward, I need to motivate myself.  I must do it!  No one else will do this for me.

One of my plans is to blog everyday.  I can see when I don’t post a blog for that day I fail.  Can you give me any tips on how to do better and stick with it?


2 thoughts on “Starting The Day Off Right!

  1. It is NOT easy. You are 100% right. Girl I think about food every single day. I want a cheeseburger so bad I can taste it! When I was quitting smoking Hubby told me it takes like 7-12 minutes for a craving to go by, maybe it’s that way with food too? Try finding some raw recipes. This place is amazing and it’s God centered 😀 I’m praying and rooting for you!

  2. Thank you so much. I need all the prayer I can get. I am sitting here right now wanting to get something. Its not that I am hungry or anything, it is just my mind telling me that I need something and I must be strong enough to not give in. This is the really hard part of the day for me.

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