Starting over

As you know, I’ve done very poorly with my fast.  I am starting it over.  I really want this so I am going to have a do over for myself.  I started the day good but ended it badly.  As of tomorrow, I will be on Day one of my juice fast.  This time I am planning to do it right thanks to all the help I am getting from you guys.  A special thanks goes out to virtuousgracious.  You have given me such support and help.

I believe I will be fine this time because I feel I have better tools to cope with the issues I was having before, like eating pizza.  All it really takes is for me to not give into my desires to eat food.  I can do this!


4 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. So glad to hear this! You CAN do this! I’m on day 17 of a 40 day fast and I’m almost down 15lb AND 0.4lb away from being under 200lb. I know you can do this too, it is one of the hardest and rewarding things I’ve done… but when it’s over I know you’ll feel amazing, look amazing (seriously people even strangers, tell me I’m “glowing” all the time now!) and have over all better emotional control. Congratulations, I look forward to following your journey. – Corri 😀

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