I was not sure if I should even post this topic.  Spring semester is over and my grades weren’t all that good.  I took 5 classes and I got 1 A 2 B 1 C and yes, 1F.  I am heartbroken and so upset with myself.

I have all these thoughts going through my mind.  Should I have dropped the class when I knew I was not doing as well as I could in it?  Did I not put in enough time for the class?  An endless list of question flowing through my mind.  My husband is no help.  All he says is “you did not do so bad”, ” I understand you are hurt but it is not as bad as it seems”.  What the fudge……..I GOT A FREAKING F.  How could that get any worst, oh wait, I know.  I could have gotten 2.

The teacher at the beginning of class, like 3 weeks in, told me I was not going to pass his class.  No matter what.  I just need to sleep.  Now my head is hurting.  Good night all.


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