What a day……….

I don’t talk much about what my life is like  being an Army Wife.  My husband and I started this journey back in 2011 May 24.  Wow, it’s almost been a year now.  He is current stationed in Ga. working as a OR Tech (oh very how I miss him).  We are getting ready for our PCS.  I am excited and a little frighten.

Nitza and Dave

Moving to a new place is hard but when you are doing it without knowing any one really, well, that can add to your stress.  I am on this diet and I fear this stress will really take me to a place I’ve worked so hard to get out of.  😦

I am thankful for the support I have found in doing this blog.  Recently I shared some thing special with my husband and his reply to me really shocked me.  He tells me I read too much into things, and maybe I do but I would like you to be the judge.

I posted on facebook how much I love him and how I aspire to be like him, very humble, loving and patient.  His reply was this:  ” I bless God for a good teacher like you who keeps me humble. You tell things straight. No sugar-coating. That is a blessing for me.”  I felt he was saying that I am so headstrong, that he thanks God for giving him patience to deal with me.  I was very hurt, but he said that is not what he meat at all.  What do you make of it?

I have a passion for baking so when I’m upset or just have too much time on my hands, I bake.  So the other day I made a cake and gave it to my neighbor next door.

I knew if I kept it in the house I would eat it and today would have been the thing that pushed me over.  I need to find ways to deal with my emotions without food.  Food has become my comfort and my weight is suffering for it.  Have you ever wanted something so bad……..

My home is almost packed and I am even stressed over that.

For the most part, I live in my bedroom.  I really don’t like looking at the rest of the house, boxes every where.  I go out of long walks most days just to get out of the house and this room.  Hell, I think sometimes I need to just pull myself out of the slump and really get to work on the house.   How do you make yourself feel better when it seems your whole world is falling apart?



One thought on “What a day……….

  1. What I read into your husband’s comments were only sweet and kind words. He is saying that God has blessed him with you, that he doesn’t have the same “skills” as you do, and you help him. You are honest with him where someone else might dance around the subject to make sure his feelings aren’t hurt. He appreciates your honesty and you teach him and show him how to be better. Exactly what God calls us to do as wives! That was a blessing comment! Read your Bible when you are feeling down. That always makes me feel better. We can do ALL things through Christ who gives us strength. That or listen to some uplifting music or a sermon. God always turns my heart around. Remember that he will not lead you where you are not suppose to go. Trust that he has all your best interests at heart and he is placing you in a good place, to bring you blessings. 😀 Hugs!

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