We All Have Them…..

Over the years, I’ve brought more products for my skin, hair, and yes, even my nails.  Most of them end up in the trash.  Some have been in the closet for years unused.  And then there are the few that I really liked and use often.  Here are some of my fav’s in the bunch.

Let’s start with hair.  I also use keratin but I did not have any more to take a picture.

I like these because they are cheap and they work oh so well.


Next is my body wash.

I love the smell of these and they keep my skin feeling so soft.


And now for the face cleanser and body lotions

Face cleanser and body lotion


These are just a few of the products I use.  I don’t promote any of them, we all have our favorites.  What are yours?


5 thoughts on “We All Have Them…..

  1. I’ve spent years spending money on high-end shower gel to always end up with dry skin or eczema. Then I discovered a £1 Palmolive shower gel in my supermarket- It’s been 2 years without an eczema flare up!! I haven’t looked back!

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  3. Oh wow! I’ve thought about doing it myself but never seem to have the time. I would love to know some of the ways you make them. I don’t really like the bath soaps I buy at the store. They claim to have all this natural oil in them but when I use them I find it has very little.

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