Why Am I So Hungry?

I’ve been working on a juice fast for about a month now and still I have these overwhelming craving for food.  Things I loved to eat but are not good for me.  Like Pizza, ice cream, soda, cake, and yes, cookies.

I have about three juices drinks a day and I really try to have 4 glasses of water.  I find when I drink the water I don’t get the craving for the things I should not be eating.  I also am a snacker.  I love snacks but they have done me wrong over the years.  hahahaha

I try things like dried fruit now and nuts and raisins.  Most days I am good but most days I am not and I fail.  The failures are beginning to make me want to give up and say I can’t do this.  I was even contemplating surgery for the weight lose.  *sigh*

Surgery would be the last result for me, if any at all.  You know there is all this talk about the Gastric Bypass and the Bariatric surgeries.  They have been success rates but there are also the side effects.  All I want is to lose all this weight and keep it off once and for all.

I feel like I am in a battle for my life and I am losing it day by day.  It matters not how much I say I will not eat this or that I always end up with it at the end of the day.  I am at a lost and don’t know where to turn for some real help.  I am beginning to think I may have an eating disorder.


2 thoughts on “Why Am I So Hungry?

  1. I know what you are feeling!! I really really understand! Please don’t give up on yourself. If you are craving these things, then maybe you need to allow yourself ONE vegan meal a day. I find I really enjoy “eating” something for dinner with my Hubby so I do that. Last night we had portobello mushrooms cooked in some coconut oil with salt and garlic, then I made a vegan cashew cheese and dipped it. It tasted just like meat and cheese, so my big craving has been for a burger, this cut that craving down. You seem to like pizza (so do I, I can’t wait to have some when this is over) so make yourself a vegan pizza or a raw vegan pizza. There are SO many recipes out there for both. You are not failing if you allow yourself one meal that is healthy for you. I can get you some if you want. The vegan cheese sauce I make is out of this world good and you could munch on it with some fresh veggies. Guilt free. 😀 Don’t feel you HAVE to do this anyway than the way you feel lead to. This is about your journey, not everyone elses… I believe you will still lose weight and feel amazing if you allow yourself some wiggle room to eat one healthy vegan/raw meal a day. You CAN do this, you are strong enough to… Food is highly addictive. It gives us a rush of endorphins, so you can’t fault us for wanting it. But find a raw and/or vegan alternative to the things you love the most, write a list of the foods you seem to be craving and find a way to recreate them in a healthy way. I can help you if you want, I’m learning how to be quite creative when it comes to food. 😉 I’ve had some raw tacos with walnuts as the “meat” that would blow your socks off. I’m currently eating some hummus and fresh veggies… there are ways to trick your taste buds. But please don’t give up on yourself…once you start to see and feel the changes you will be really happy with your follow through. Honestly (I’m writing a book so I need to wrap this up) I didn’t have much control over food before this and now I’m talking about sharing a hamburger with my husband when this is over rather than eat the whole thing myself, I shocked myself actually! haha The old me would have just eaten the entire burger and probably paid for it later. Let me know if I can help. I’m here!

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