A Wonderful Walk

I love being out side and now that the weather is nice I try to spend as much time out as I can.  I started walking this morning and before long, I was at my Starbucks.  It is almost 5 miles from my house.  I can’t believe I walked that far.  But the sun was shinning and I was in the mood to be out.  It is in a wonderful spot.  I get to watch all the shoppers and people running from here and there.  I often wish there was a book store around here.

We have almost left the art of reading an actual book behind.  I don’t know if that is good or bad…..it does save a lot of trees.

Blogging has become one of favorite pastimes.  I have so much going on in my head sometimes and this is a wonderful outlet for my thoughts.  Plus, I get to hear back from others and what they think.  I am always amazed how many people think as I do about things.  This thing called the internet has given people like me a way to connect to people I would never have the time to meet, moreover, they don’t live in the same state I live in.

While walking today, I had so many thoughts about things around me.  One thing I noticed, we don’t have many flowers here.  It is sad, when I think of the South, I think of bright colors.  Something you don’t get int he North too much.  I use to visit New York city a lot this time of year but as you may know, there isn’t a lot of color.  There are things I miss about there.  The fast pace of life, all the wonderful shops.  I use to love this one place where I would go and have coffee.  Cafe Lalo.  I was just about the best spot on a Saturday night.  I also loved to shop at Zabars.  They sold gourmet and kosher foods.  There are so many things I miss but those two come to mind.

I also loved going to SeattlePike Place Fish Market was one of those places you go and spend time just watching people enjoying their shopping experience.

Funny how just sitting in a coffee shop can bring up so many wonderful memories.


One thought on “A Wonderful Walk

  1. Where are you now? I’m in Oregon and it’s lovely this time of year. I am glad to hear you are in a good place it seems! Walking is one of my favorite things to do, the fresh air, the smells, sights… lovely. I do agree with you on books… there is something about holding a book in your hands and turning the pages that for me, could never be replaced by a computer/phone/ipad screen.

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