Leadership of Pastor……Leadership POTUS Part I

Recently a friend of my husband and mine posted this on his blog.  I read it and understood what he was trying to say.  The response he got was mixed to say the least.

I understand that as a President of the US you are not free to inject your own will or beliefs when making laws.  So many have spoken out about what he has done on the topic of Gay marriage.

I don’t agree with it but I also understand why so many feel the need.  The laws in our great country allows only husband and wife to have or are entitled to what ever a surviving spouse has from the other.

What do you think?


Leadership of Pastor……Leadership POTUS Part I.

One thought on “Leadership of Pastor……Leadership POTUS Part I

  1. It’s rough isn’t it? In the world we are taught to accept everyone as they are, in the Bible we are not taught that, although we are told to LOVE everyone. I used to be a “Christian” who thought gay marriage was ok, but my husband pointed out to me one day (after he heard me say that to a friend) that what I was saying was contradicting the Bible. I do think marriage should be between a man and a woman because that is what God says. I have gay friends, my grandmother was gay… but ultimately God makes the rules and if we don’t follow them there are consequences. I understand the debate, I have compassion I really do… Most of the time I stay out of the debate. We are told to love not hate, many times the people standing against something is not showing love in their actions, but still the world sees as Christians, and true Christians follow Christ and his message of loving your neighbor as yourself. xoxo

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