Life has been crazy!

Well, July is finally here.  I did not think it would ever come.  Now I am high-speed mood, as my husband would say.  I need to get all the packing arranged and turn off the electric and water.  I need to reconfirmed moving dates, contact our new base for any updates.  I am so happy I don’t have to do the packing for this move.  It is our first and I find I am becoming a little sad about leaving our first home.  Things seem so crazy right now.  My son is always asking why are we moving?  I try to explain things to him but at 7 years old there is not a lot he will understand.

I have not been sleeping very well these past few nights.  I will be reunited with my husband on the 13th.  We are both so very excited.  This  past 14 months has been hell, to say the least.  I’ve grown a lot and we both have learned a lot about our character.  It has not been easy all the time and even down right frustrating at times.  Military life is not for everyone.  It takes a very STRONG women to endure the separation, depression, and insecurities that come with the job.  “they don’t tell you about all that”.

I’ve had friends that have ended their marriage due to the stress of this life.  If I could share one things with someone about it, it would be, Be willing to be a single mom, a lonely wife, and have a frustrated home.  Lose and gain friends, learn more about yourself than you may want to know, and most of all, learn to grow in a love that is distant.

Our Army life if just beginning and we are looking forward to some really good times but we also know it will be hard, as marriage always is.

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