Product review (snacking)

My husband loves to snack.  We were at the commissary the other day and he saw this bag of Doritos Jacked.  He said, “Let me try this”, so we got it.

He loved it.  Bag says “Bigger, Bolder, Thicker”, and it is true.  He said he would be adding this to his list of favorites.  I ate a few and was also hooked.  hahahaha

Another snack we tried was the new Almond Snickers bar.   You know how you can be enjoying a candy bar and look up to see that you have only one bite left?  You savor that bite, which is what I did.  It was so good.  Today is my last day to snack, so I really enjoyed this candy.  I am not a big candy bar person, but I would buy this again and again.  It was just that good.

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