ACU’s (Need I say more?) hahahaha


Well, it’s that old saying, be careful what you wish for…..or in my case pray for.  I am so happy to have my husband home once again.  Now that he is here I have the joy of washing his uniforms.  The ACU’s, as they are called, can get very icky to say the least.

Washing them is not easy.  You see, they have Velcro on them and in the washing machine and dryer, it tends to stick to everything.  I don’t know a way around this and I find I hate washing them.  Taking them to the cleaners is best but very costly.  They charge 8 bucks each uniform.

How do you deal with your husbands/wife ACU’s?


One thought on “ACU’s (Need I say more?) hahahaha

  1. I usually wash them in their own load since they do stick to things and ruin nice fabric if they get stuck! Not sure if it would work, but for pesky fabrics, sometimes you can put then in a fabric washing bag…like a big pillow case…to keep them separate from other items. I wonder if that could work for ACUs as well? Usually I just wait til there are enough for their own load, though, or just to wash with jeans and tshirts and things that dont matter much…I’m too lazy to do it any other way haha.

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