My “New” Days……..


Everyone has things they do int he morning to get the day started.  Well, I am no different.  I have worship and then make my husband’s lunch and breakfast at 0430 each morning.  I than get him to work by 0630 and that is when the fun begins.  Well, not really.  hahahahaha

I come home and wash dishes, clean the house, make our bed and yes, clean the tub.  You see, each day my husband has to PT.  This is where the issue starts.  He comes in and takes a shower.  Now, what ever they PT in, be it grass, dirt, etc.  that is left in the tub.  Yuck!

Before I can take my shower, I must clean it.  Then there is the endless list of earns I’ve made for myself the night before that must get completed by the end of the day.  Now mind you, all this and I still have to go to school, do homework, cook dinner, wash, and anything else that comes up in the day with his phone calls.

One might think I get upset or tired, but no.  I enjoy it all.  It is hectic and I am tried by the end of the day but I have such a sense of accomplishment when I am done.  I would not change my life for the world at this point.  I am loving the Army life and enjoy so much of the time I have with my family.

Our son has not been here yet.  He will come in October and again in December.  The court really took away most of our time with him.  He will spend the summer with us but even that is shorter.  They really believe in punishment of the father for the rest of his life.  But that is another post all in itself.
How do you spend your day?


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