Feeling really good

I went out and got my very first juicer!


Well, as it turned out, it was a mistake.  😦  The juicer’s mouth was so small that I spent an enormous time chopping the veggies to fit them inside.  Even so, the juice was all in the pulp and not my glass.  It was not able to do many veggies at all.  The motor even started to smoke.  I took it back to the store and was very disappointed.  I thought I was finally going to be able to juice.  My blender is fine but it is no juicer.  It is not able to give me a smooth juice without pulp.

When my husband saw how sad I was and how much I wanted to really do this juicing thing, he went and got me a nicer one.  I used it for the first time tonight and it worked really well.  The juice was fantastic.  I made Carrot, ginger, and apple juice.  I had only a small glass because it was so late at night.  I am super happy with this brand.


2 thoughts on “Feeling really good

  1. Hey! Glad to hear your hubby got you a nicer juicer. Care to share which one it was? …and that sounds like a pretty delicious juice.

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