My husbands unit PT Monday – Friday @ 0430-0620.



When he is done and returns home the PT uniform stinks.  I’ve been temped to tell him he is not allowed to come in the house but I love him and would miss him so much.  I needed to find a way to wash the uniform, not just to clean it but to remove the awful smell.  I found it with Clorox Bleach.  It works so good and the black shorts and grey top does not fade.

The tub was a whole other matter.  They PT in grass and often it is wet at that time of the morning so he comes home with grass and who knows what else.  I have to clean the tub daily.  This is no fun for me.  Needless to say, I hate PT.  Not really….hahahahaha

Now my Soldier can hug me again.   YAY!



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