There are many things one could say about baking. For instance, when baking one of the greatest thing I love is the end products.

I love to see what I’ve created come out so well. It gives me such pleasure to watch others enjoying what I’ve created.

At the end of a long day at school I love to come home and bake. I’ve been working a lot on my decorating skills. They aren’t great yet, but I am getting better, hopefully soon I will make something that really looks great. I’ve even started selling some of my baked goods which is a big plus for our finance. I’m hoping to start a catering business one that will actually bring in some real income but for now, I just enjoy baking for the sake of baking. It relaxes me. What are some of your favorite things to bake? I would sure like to see some of your pictures. I will share mine as I create things, the good and the bad. Just don’t laugh too hard. Hahaha
The other day I made this carrot cake it came out really good on everyone enjoyed it.


As you can see my decorating skills leave something to be desired but the cake itself was really good super moist and I made it from scratch


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