Haters are going to hate…..

Day 14:  today is hard to say what I am thankful for.  I just learned that there are some states in the US asking to be removed as a part of this great country.  Now, I can pretend that this has nothing to do with the fact that Obama is a black man but the truth is much to hard to ignore.  We’ve had many Democratic Presidents in the past and never has anyone requested to be removed from the US.  I can understand hurt over losing the election but what I can no longer ignore is the out right hate that is being shown.  From what I can tell, it is not a majority in any one state but a group of people in more than a few states asking to be removed as a part of this country.  Here is what I could say I am thankful for:  For those asking to be removed you do understand you have a right to leave.  If having a black President upsets you this much and your hate for all people who are nonwhite pains you this deep, leave.  I am not sure where you will go in this world and not find nonwhite people but good luck with that.  So having said all this, I am thankful for freedom of choice.  Try to exercise your right to that choice, that my husband by the way is fighting for you to have, by leaving.  I love all my Republican friends and I trust that they are not among this group of haters.

As an Army Wife, I must say that these events really do hurt me.  Not just because I am black but because I really don’t understand hate.  It is the one emotions that my parents worked hard to keep out of my path.  Hate is like a cancer, it kills you inside out.


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