Another day, Another………

So today I am feeling a bit upset.  Today was payday for my husband and we have a lot pulling on our pay right now.  Trying to complete school has really put a dent in our income.  I am budgeting a home on little to nothing each month and now even less than last month which was impossible to do.  My dear, sweet husband looks at me and says, “I know you will pull this off,you do so well every month”…….

I need some help in how to budget a family of 3 on less than 1,000.00 a month.  This amount is for food, supplies for the home, gas for the car, and any other curve balls that come up this month.  On top of all that it is the holiday season and I have family coming to spend Christmas with us……what a mess.

I’ve gotten all the gifts, the decorations are done.  All I need is the Christmas dinner, which will cost more than $200.00.  I’m working with limited funds.  I need God to come and give me a miracle to work it all out.




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