Aprons, Hand towels, and Brooms

I love watching old movies. In fact, I spend a lot of time watching them.  In many of these movies the wife is always perfect.  She keeps the house clean, the kids are always well taken care of, and her breakfast, lunch and dinner are always cooking or done.  Well, that’s TV, right?

I remember watching my mom as a child and she seemed to have it all under control.  My dad went to work and she cleaned up after breakfast.  By noon my lunch was ready.  My home was clean and I always remember watching her clean.  The house always seemed to smell of dinner cooking after lunch was done.  My mom even baked bread.  Man, I get tired just thinking about it all.

I wonder what happened to women today?  Like our parents or grandparents, we have the same amount of the time in a day to get things done.  With 2 kids and your husband at work all day, why does it seem impossible to have dinner ready, the house clean, and the kids bathed and in bed all by 8pm?

How did our parents do it?  I sat down one day and made a schedule for my day.  It went something like this:

  1. 5am breakfast
  2. 6am clean up the kitchen and make lunch for husband
  3. 7am take husband to work and go to the grocery store
  4. 10am make my lunch/wash clothes/clean bathrooms
  5. 12 noon eat lunch and clean up afterward
  6. 1300 start dinner/complete washing and sweep floors
  7. 1500 complete dinner/clean the kitchen
  8. 1700 pick up husband from work
  9. 1800 have dinner and clean up dinner dishes
  10. 2000 time with husband
  11. 2200 bedtime

Wow. I get everything done.  Now lets get started.  This is how the day really went:

  1. 5am turned off alarm and went back to sleep
  2. 6am took husband to work and returned to bed
  3. 9am got something to eat and put a load of clothes in washer
  4. 10 am watched TV/facebooked
  5. 1200 ate some lunch
  6. 1300 more TV/facebook
  7. 1500 cleaned the kitchen/facebook
  8. 1700 picked up husband
  9. 1900 made dinner and ate/facebook
  10. 2100 cleaned up the kitchen
  11. 2200 more TV/facebook
  12. 2300 bed

Can you see the problem with today’s women versus the women of the 40’s?



One thought on “Aprons, Hand towels, and Brooms

  1. Does cooking remind you of your mother and security, comfort and love? (especially this time of the year) Honor her with healthy living and leaving a legacy of health to your children as you embark on your health quest. She would be the first to cheer you on I bet! My best to you because I know you can be very strong! Especially as a protective mother bear for that lovely child of yours.

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