Update (weight)

As you know I’ve been working on losing weight.  Well, I started cooking baked goods to make a little extra money for the family.  I forgot that I was not supposed to eat the baked good.  oppps.

I went to my doctor’s appointment and got on the hated scale.  I hold my breath, and wait for the digital number to post……here it comes….what the hell, I gained 17 pounds since August…crying.

I am now a very big girl unhappy.  I was so upset that when I came home I fasted for 24 hours.  Now I am getting this done before the summer.  There is no way I am going to be at 300 pounds this summer.  I need to lose 120 pounds to be at my goal of 130.  I will post my YOUTUBE again and keep updates on how things are going.  I am going to get back to juicing again starting next week.  For 60 days starting December 23, I will drink nothing but juice.  Well I may have dinner on Christmas with the family but that will be it.  At the end of 61 days (since I’ll eat Christmas dinner) lol I will post my new and old weight.

I’ve tried this in the past and it did not work.  I cheated so many times on that diet.  Well, now I have an insensitive I did not have before.  My first video will post on Sunday, December 23 at 3pm.  I will make one each day showing my juice and the changes.


3 thoughts on “Update (weight)

  1. There are so many factors that go into weight loss and physiology is one of them. I hope your doctor explained all that or you’ll be just getting frustrated. You can’t starve a fat cell as I wrote once before. If I can help to encourage you, please let me know. You are not alone!

    • I need help. Today I want to have a slice of cake with my tea and I know that will not do well. I don’t have anything to replace it with so what can I do to just stay strong?

      • Where there’s a willl there’s a way pretty lady so stay strong!

        If your child is home with you, start exercising with him . . . or the dog. Place some great upbeat music on and get him and you dancing!!! Read to him or read inspirational books to yourself, write inspirational poetry or into a journal how you are feeling at this particular moment, watch a movie, clean house, go for a walk or paint your nails – you can’t get into chips with your nails wet right?

        If you’re alone, take a long soaking bath or go out to the mall and window shop (unless shopping’s an addiction too) Call a support partner and talk it out. Find inspirational Scripture such as Philippians 4:13. You need to know you are worth it so talk yourself into success.

        From now on only bring good foods into your house cause if it’s in your house – it’s in your mouth – then read as many of my blogs that will define what you are going through psychologically as well as physically. It’s in your hands – if you cvan lose weight you can do anything because only you and God have control over your mind and body! I have faith in you. Hope this helps!

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