Weight update

I am sorry to say that things have not been going so well.  I had a lot of baking to do and it was super hard to resist eating.

I sold most of what I baked, but the things I did not sell, like cookies and cakes, were sitting here on my counter.  I ate about 5 cookies and two slices of the cake.  This all happened yesterday.  Well, today I am starting again.  The sun came up to welcome me to a new chance to get it right.  I started the day by getting rid of all the sweets.  I also got a bag of juicing carrots from Publix.  I have ginger, carrots, and green apple juice today.

I am good with this juicing during the day.  It is at night when I am home with nothing to do that I mess up.  I did not eat the junk food all day yesterday, but around 11pm I jumped in.  I think the best thing for me to do is to stop staying up late.  The only problem I have with that is my husband gets off work around 11pm and I have to pick him up most nights.  This means I come home and make him something to eat.  This man can eat, but he gains no weight.  The other issue I have is he never seems to be willing/able to say NO to me.  When I make him something after work it is hard for me not to get something as well.

I’ve got to find a way to beat this urge to eat late at night.  On top of that, once he goes to bed I stay up and eat some more.  This eating will last until well into the morning hours.  I often eat things like cake, crackers and things that are quick to make and eat.  Man, I hope to have this day go well.  I just need to have one full day of success and then I will see the goal.

2 thoughts on “Weight update

  1. I’m glad I came across your blog. As for the weight, many of us struggle with our weight. Sometimes we fall off the wagon. What’s important is that we get right back up and keep trying to achieve our goal. You can do it, mama. I’m in the process of getting some of this extra weight off of me as well. It’s not easy and I don’t do fad diets. I eat healthy and try to be more active. I’m actually about to start long distance running. I’ve never been a runner, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

    Sounds like your eating schedule is pretty rough. You have to burn more calories than you take in. Watch your portions and caloric intake. Counting calories and getting active works. Also, healthy food does not have to be bland yucky. Check out “The Mediterrasian Way” by Ric Watson and Trudy Thelander. Amazing recipes and very helpful tips for eating healthier. One thing I learned: if you starve yourself, you’re going to binge eat.
    Anywho, take care and good luck. Happy holidays.


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