Auto Insurance

Help me out with something.  We pay for auto insurance for when we get into an accident, that is what they are for, right?  They fix your car, isn’t that the point of paying?  Then help me understand why is it that when you have an accident your auto insurance penalizes you for repairing your car?  isn’t that the reason that i pay my monthly premium to have insurance fix my care when I have an accident?  So why is it that when I need them, they increase my rates?

One woman told me at Progressive that she would have to prove if my version of the accident was true, she said “I am working to prove the other driver” and I said, shouldn’t you be working to prove me to be in the right not the other person?  She said ” well, yes that is what I meant…..really?

I switch to USAA and I must say I’ve never been happier.  They don’t treat me like i am their paycheck but their client.  How do you feel about your auto insurance



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