Weight update 02/23/13

Since we got this juicer I’ve been trying to juice every day, failed……..hahahahaha

It is so hard not to enjoy a freshly made glass of vegetables or fruit juice in the morning.  My husband gets up to a cup of coffee but I have a lively glass of fresh juice.  I love that there are no additives to my juice.  No extra sugar, water, or things I can’t name. 🙂  I’ve experimented with different combinations over the last few weeks.  I must say anything with carrots in it has become my fav.  Carrot juice is so sweet and creamy that I will have a glass three times a week.

Carrots are so sweet and unlike green and some other vegetables, they are not overbearing in the juice.  Carrots have so many good benefits for our health.  I am sure  you have been told how good they are for the eyes but did you know there is so much more to carrots?  Carrots work to help keep your digestive tract clean, your liver, and it has vitamin A, D, C, E, B6 and B1.

When the body is deficient in these important vitamins it is noticed by frequent colds, lack of appetite and vigor, eye infections, poor vision, night blindness, bad teeth and gums, scaly and dry skin, weakened sense of smell and hearing (I’m not a doctor so seek medical help if you experience any of these).  1

Applies are high in potassium and it can improv intestine function.  It can also help lower cholesterol.  This juice is not hard to drink, not something you will need to get use to..  hahahahaha  The kids will enjoy it and you can make it into a shake.

Take some time today and have a great glass of carrots 🙂

Carrots and apple juice with ice

Carrots and apple juice with ice


One thought on “Weight update 02/23/13

  1. Cool! We are very health conscious. We share similar “philosophy” on our blog too. Maybe we have something to offer you that could be helpful to your dedications. 🙂

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