My day started out with breakfast.  It is the best meal that my day. As you may already know, I am dieting.  So the rest of my meals today will consist of juice. I don’t know how well the day will go. This will be my first full day of juicing.


Now that breakfast is done I’ll start the dishwasher to clean up, after that, I’ll work on some FRG business.

My husband should be back from rehearsal by the time I’m done and I’ll make lunch for him. One of the hardest thing about dieting is when you’re married and your spouse is not dieting. You have to cook for your spouse and that interfere with your plans.  The smell of food alone can cause all kinds feeling inside of you and you to want to eat.

My herb garden isn’t doing as well as I had hoped.



I’ve never been one that was good with plants. This is a plan I bought some months ago from the commissary

David 014

and here is that same plant today


As you can see there’s almost nothing left of the plant, it died.

Well the time now it’s 1238 and I still have a lot to do I’ll check in with you guys later enjoy your Saturday


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