A Day In My Life (Studying)

I spend a lot of my time studying.  It seems all I really have time for most days.  I go to class, study, go to another class, study, study while I eat, study, study, study, and sleep……Start all over…..


One of the best place for me to study is the library at school.  I have a place I go to most.

CSU 037


CSU 038


Then I love to just have my coffee and…….hahahaha

CSU 034


Sometimes when I am outside I like to walk and read my books…..gota be careful that I don’t walk into someone, hahahahaha

CSU 030



CSU 027

Another thing I like is how beautiful my school looks this time of year.

CSU 028

So at the end of the day, when I’m not home I study at school.

CSU 032


CSU 033


CSU 036


CSU 035


It helps when the parking lot is not full, hahahahahaha


CSU 031



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