Army Wives Season 7 Premieres

Well, I just watched the new season of Army Wives on Lifetime and I must say it was worth the wait.  I have not stop crying.  One of the character that I most identified with died on the show and watching the memorial service is hard.  Saying goodbye to  Claudia Joy is almost like saying goodbye to a good friend I never had.  She seemed to embody every thing I’ve ever wanted to be.  He sweet character of helping and caring for others above herself is what made he so special to me.  I will miss all the characters from the beginning of the show.

Of all the wives, only two are returning for the new season.  This new season seems to capture the true nature of what I see here in the Army.  Living on Post is nothing like anything you can describe to another person that has never been in services.  I remember when I was planning our move to our first duty station, I thought life was going to be like that which I saw in the show.  I thought I would have really good friends that where supportive of each other.  I was so excited to work with the FRG.

I quickly discovered, that was TV and this is real life.  I think the new season will show a more true character of what living on Post is like for so many women.  (not sure I will like it)  I loved having the fantasy of what I wanted it to be here.  The new season has a mixtures of personality, similar to what you find on real Army installation   This can be good and bad.  I think it will be filled with all the drama that many of us wish did not exist on Post.

No matter what, it looks like they are off to a good start with the new season, and I am very excited to watch it unfold.  ArmyWives is a very dear show to me and I hope that tonight was not an sign of how they will rush through the show.  I did not like that it seemed more important to rush by announcing that the show The Client List premieres in 30 minuets.  I wanted to enjoy armywives.  It would helped if they had allow the show to unfold over a period of episodes.  One minuet they announced the death of Claudia joy and the next minuet they showed her memorial.  It did not allow her friends to really accept the death.  It just felt rushed.  I hope they slow things down and allow the show to move as wonderful book you read and you can’t wait to turn the page but you dare not for fear you will miss something.

If you missed the show tonight you can watch it on Lifetime TV.  Don’t miss next week show on Sunday, March 17 at 9pm.  Until next week…….


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