Changing the way I do things

Some months ago my feet were placed on a path that I could never image I would be on, forget that I was raised christian.  I am discovering a whole new Hashem and how He commands us to worship Him.

Let me clear up that statement:  Hashem is not the one who changed, I am.  He is not new, I am.  He is just opening my eyes to how He commands that His people worship Him.

At first I was a little afraid to share this part of my life, after all, people will say; “how can you stop worshiping Jesus?”  My reply, “did Jesus ever worship Jesus?  If one takes the “New Testament  at face value, you have to agree, Jesus never prayed to himself.  When ever he prayed it was to his Father the creator of all things.  He also never asked anyone to pray to him but it seems that the world is doing just that, well, there are a small group that has always stayed faithful to the worship of One G-d.  The other thing that struck me was  how Christians has always used the writings of the Hebrew Scriptures to translate the “New Testament  but deny the worship of Hashem that they practice…hummmm

I believer there are so really true and loving people in Christianity, it is there that I was born and raised.  Anyway, this is not a post about what is right or wrong, I’m no philosopher to debate those issues.  🙂  One must follow his/her heart in those matters.

I was cleaning my house to make sure I was not disobeying any of the laws G-d has commanded for His people.  I noticed that I needed to get rid of most of the things I have.  It amazed me how much we don’t really understand the laws of health that Heshem has given to protect us from all harm.  If we really paid attention, we would see that our life should be a life of prayer.  Not just to through out a little something or even to give these long elaborate prayers that only benefit self.0417130542a



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