Enjoying my Shabbot

I’m always looking for new ways to cook food.  I wanted to make my Shabbos fun with good food, as I try to do each week.  This week I made some really good Challah, which for me was a blessing in itself.  Most of the time my challah does not come out good.

Not having anyone to share my Shabbos with was very different but it was so relaxing and I was able to spend lots of time in praying and talking with Hashem.  I am now fully charged and ready to face my weeks of finals in school.  I want to share with you my Shabbos menu.



Sweet and sour salmon

veggies ribs

mashed potatoes

sweet potatoes

brussels sprouts

yellow cake I made

I enjoyed my Shabbos very much and really did not want it to end.

I’m feeling closer to HaShem then I’ve ever felt before.  I know that this change in my life is for the good.  I can feel it more and more each day.  Things that I would do that were not always right, I have no desire to do them.  I’m enjoying studying the Torah and discovering new things that I never knew about the G-d we serve.

I’m also learning to pray in the Hebrew, how cool is that!  I love it.  It really sounds and feels so much better with you pray in Hebrew.

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