Do you mop on your hands and knees?

Recently I realized that not many women still get down on the floor and mop….

Not that I do it often but I still do, why?  I feel it gets the floors cleaner than a regular mop does.

My friend came over last Friday as I was scrubbing the kitchen floor and asked me why I was doing that when I had a mop?  I told her it cleans better.  I mopped my floor and then showed her how much dirt was left on the floor she was amazed.  I do this once a month to really keep things clean.

After thinking about her question, I wondered if anyone else did this…





I often feel like I am working overtime on Fridays.  This past week I did some prep cooking on Thursday and completed cooking and cleaning on Friday.  Yet, with all my efforts I was still very tried by the time the sunset.  Never-the-less, Shabbos was wonderful.

I’ve seen video’s on The Joy Of Kosher were Jamie Geller and her husband make a wonderful stew called Cholent.  It is filled with meat.  It looked so good I wanted to try it.  So this Shabbos we enjoyed my version of this stew.  I did it a bit different from her because I don’t eat meat.  🙂


Here is what I put in mine:

Three small potatoes

half of onion

Veggie meat (kosher)


red beans (handful)

barley (handful)

Vegetarian style seasoning (to your liking)

Smoked Paprika (to cover the seasoning)

It was so good.  I will make this almost every Shabbos.  My husband and son devoured it.

I also made Challah (no big surprise there)  hahaha

IMG_0041 IMG_0043

I made a few other things but my Eggplant really was the big finisher for the meal.

IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0040 IMG_0046

All in all we had a wonderful Shabbos and look forward to the next one.  I’ve already started on my menu for next Shabbos and I’ll be shopping on Wednesday and prepping my veggies on that day.  I plan to have all my work done by Friday so all I have to do is cook the food and make the Challah and clean.  It should be another wonderful Shabbos.  My your week be filled with joy, love, and peace.


Many of you did not know but I was without my husband for a few months and it was hard.  Such is the life of an Army wife……

I wanted to channel my energy in a ways that was positive.  I started remolding some of the rooms in our home.  I started with my kitchen.  Just got a few new items but the biggest thing was my new Kitchen Aid my husband sent me while he was away.  I was super excited to get that new baby.


IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_0082

I also added a new crock pot I saw at the Exchange.  It cooks three meals at one time.  I could not pass that up.  Next I got a new coffee maker for my hubby, he loves his morning, afternoon, and sometimes evening coffee.  hahahaha

I moved on to new mixing bowls and some new dishes.  That lead to getting a new curtain and new rugs for the floor to match the curtains.  I also had to get new towels and pot holders to match that.  You  know we woman need it all to blend in well.  hahahaha  That lead to a new knife set and….. WHOA!


I then moved on to the living room.  I sold my old living room set and made enough to buy a new one.  I really wanted something olive so this is what I got.  That lead to a new 60′ TV and a new sound system for it and a new Blu ray player and new tables and rug.

I had to get some new art work for the walls to bring out everything.

IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0072

I moved to the backyard and got a patio set and grill with an outdoor rug to tie it all together.  I found I was really hot from the sun so I got a new umbrella to shield my head.  Now I enjoy the visitors I get while enjoying some BBQ vegetarian style…..:)

Home 007 Home 008








I also got a new Cannon which I will do another post on to let you know how I feel about it.

Well, my husband is back and he loves all the changes I made.  I told him all I needed was a new washer and dryer and I would be set for the new 10 years.  He laughed.  Do you think I will get it?



Some of the joys of home

It has been a very rainy afternoon.  Once my son went to bed the house was very quite.  My husband is working 2nd shift tonight so I am left on my own again.  I was reading a book while listening to the rain in the back ground.  Not long after that the rain stopped.  I looked at my window to see that I had some very beautiful visitors.

Backyard guest 001 Backyard guest 002 Backyard guest 003 Backyard guest 004


Sometimes when you least expect it, you get a wonderful blessing.



LEGO—-good or bad?

Lego makes some really cool toys for kids to enjoy and keep busy.  My step-son loves to play with his logos.  He can play for hours and is always building things.  I love it because it give me time to clean, cook, or do other things that I would not have time to do if he were not playing.

Home 001 Home 002 Home 003



I love that he is so creative with them.  There are other times when they get in my way.  I often find them everywhere.  It really hurts when I step on one or two.  hahahaha

I’m trying to find a way to to keep them organized when he is not playing.  Any help?