I often feel like I am working overtime on Fridays.  This past week I did some prep cooking on Thursday and completed cooking and cleaning on Friday.  Yet, with all my efforts I was still very tried by the time the sunset.  Never-the-less, Shabbos was wonderful.

I’ve seen video’s on The Joy Of Kosher were Jamie Geller and her husband make a wonderful stew called Cholent.  It is filled with meat.  It looked so good I wanted to try it.  So this Shabbos we enjoyed my version of this stew.  I did it a bit different from her because I don’t eat meat.  🙂


Here is what I put in mine:

Three small potatoes

half of onion

Veggie meat (kosher)


red beans (handful)

barley (handful)

Vegetarian style seasoning (to your liking)

Smoked Paprika (to cover the seasoning)

It was so good.  I will make this almost every Shabbos.  My husband and son devoured it.

I also made Challah (no big surprise there)  hahaha

IMG_0041 IMG_0043

I made a few other things but my Eggplant really was the big finisher for the meal.

IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0040 IMG_0046

All in all we had a wonderful Shabbos and look forward to the next one.  I’ve already started on my menu for next Shabbos and I’ll be shopping on Wednesday and prepping my veggies on that day.  I plan to have all my work done by Friday so all I have to do is cook the food and make the Challah and clean.  It should be another wonderful Shabbos.  My your week be filled with joy, love, and peace.

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