Sunday: “leftover Challah”

If you think that Challah is only for Sabbath lunch, think again.  This week I was left with a lot of leftover Challah.  After all, I cooked 8 loaves! hahahahaha

Sunday is a day to clean the house and wash cloths and cook dinner and……..

My husband and I always try to make it a day filled with things we do together.  This Sunday we plan on going to the movie to see Wolverine.  I must say I was looking forward to this all week.

I wanted to make something nice for breakfast so I grabbed a loaf and cut it into slices, nice big beef steak slices.  🙂


IMG_0179I made some wonderful French Toast.  We loved it.  It was succulent, moist, and very sweet.  My husband was still sleep but the smell of the Challah French Toast woke him and he could not wait to eat.


We had some fresh yogurt I made with my Ninja.  Breakfast was so good.  Now our day will only get better from here.






Not sure about lunch yet but I will make something light.  The sun is shinning and I think we should take advantage of the sun.

Hope your Sunday gets off to a great start!


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