Listen with an open mind…..

Beyond the Matrix


In this process there are a lot of things can seem upsetting to me.  There is so much I simply don’t understand.  I am not going to stop learning and working to understand just because I don’t agree.  After all, if we understood it all what need were there be to learn?

4 thoughts on “Listen with an open mind…..

  1. Hello Nitza,

    I found this comment attracting another response.

    If you took the above comment and applied it to you as a Christian would you still be a Christian? As a Christian many things upset you. There was a lot that you did not understand. There was a lot you did not agree with (which essentially means you did not believe in a lot that you thought was true). And yet you did not choose to follow your last statement, ‘…After all, if we understood it all what need would there be to learn?…’ Yet, you use this ‘get out clause’ for the things in Judaism you don’t see eye to eye with. It seems like you are treating the two belief systems unevenly as you approach them.

    I was talking to another convert (ex-Christian) one time. They spoke about the problems there were in the New Testament. I listened and then said, ‘…but Rashi has been redacted, the Talmud has been redacted, many Jewish books have been redacted throughout the centuries…so if you threw out the New Testament because you found out it had been redacted and now you cannot trust it you also will need to throw out the Talmud, Rashi and various other books and beliefs that are based upon them IF you criticise both systems of belief equally…’ He said, ‘…If I throw the Talmud in the bin I will have nothing else left…’ So of course, he never did approach the Talmud, Rashi and all the other religious Jewish texts with the same academic critical manner.

    Are you also that type of person?

    Warm Regards,
    A Simple Jew.

    • Hello Simple Jew,

      I’ve read many of your post to me and find it hard to believe that you, in fact, are Jewish. You speak as many Christians I know who try to convert Jews but telling them they are Jews themselves. I don’t know if that is true but it feels true.

      Now to address your question. No I am not that type of person. I followed the christian way my whole life and I know that Christ is not G-d. I know that G-d had no son and I know that the NT is all a lie. That said, the issues I have in Judaism has nothing to do with it being a lie but different than what I am use to and how I understood things. Like anyone converting, it is sometimes hard to put away those falsehoods and in brace the truth. This in no way means that it is not true. As for the issue you bring up with the Talmud, Rashi, and various other books, I don’t believe them to be untrue, simple. I trust and believe the sages. I may not understand it all now but through study that will come. The reason it is different is one (NT) is a lie and the other (Torah, and by extension, Judaism) is the truth.

  2. Hello Nitza,

    I understand that you may think I am a Christian, and that is what some will say answering like I do, but I am not and neither do I believe in the New Testament at all.

    However I am a Jew and know the Jewish community inside out because not only have I lived in it for years on end I have been involved in various aspects of it throughout the world so have seen a lot too. I am merely bringing another angle to the usual responses you will get and I will only ever tell you the truth about it.

    You do not yet know enough about Talmud and Rashi etc to give an educated opinion. I do not mean to be brash with that comment but its impossible UNLESS you are approaching it by FAITH as you once did the New Testament. I encourage you to study those scholars that approach the Talmud in an academic critical manner. If you don’t then you are not equally approaching both faiths. However I understand that you may not want to do that.

    Warm Regards,
    A Simple Jew.

    • Thank you so much for replying to me. I would love to approach it in that way. Can you recommend some of the scholars that we can began reading now to help us? Are you still living in a community? What is life really going to be like for us? How much of our life will really change?

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