0 Dark Thirty



I love waking up before the sun comes out on Post.  The simple quietness of it all……My husband calls this time “0 dark thirty” because they are required to be up at 4:30 for PT each morning.  It lasts maybe an hour or so.  He is usually back home by 5:30-6 most mornings.  He runs in, showers, gets dressed, grabs whatever I have sitting on the counter for breakfast and runs out the door.  He arrives at the hospital by 0630, changes into his scrubs and its off to work.  That is the whole of our morning time.  hahaha

I always get up with him to make breakfast, and pack lunch.  Once he is out the door, it is time for me to get my day started.  That means morning prayer, some light studying, reading something to inspire me and then off to house work.  I like starting with the bedroom.  I work my way out from there and end with the kitchen.

By this time the quietness is over.  Living on a TRADOC Post is never quiet for long.

This cleaning includes but is never limited to:

  1. making/changing the bed
  2. straighten up nightstand and table tops (there are always books to put away)
  3. cleaning the bathroom in our room (he leaves a mess every morning)
  4. picking up dirty clothes (hold your nose folks, hahaha)
  5. Hanging up clothes-deciding what needs to be washed or hung
  6. dusting and light mopping the floors

Now off to the  2nd bedroom.

This has quickly become our “put everything in room” and by the end of the week it needs a great deal of attention.  There is so much that needs to be put away.

On to our son’s room.  This is his responsibility to keep clean.

The hall is usually clean and only requires me to dust once a week.

The living room and dining room:

  1. There are always books to put away (we tend to read a lot).
  2. Straighten up the sofa and love seat
  3. Vacuum the rugs
  4. Set table for dinner

Not a lot to do to these rooms on a daily basis.

Now the big mama  (the kitchen):

  1. Wipe down the sink after doing the dishes and loading the dishwasher
  2. Wipe down stove top
  3. Wipe down the counters
  4. Sweep/vacuum the floor
  5. Put everything back that is out of its place
  6. Take any and everything out of the kitchen that does not belong

Today I’m also cleaning for Shabbos.  So I’m cleaning the freezer out.  I’m also going to run through the dishwasher: burners grids and knobs, plastic utensil that are not used for food, refrigerator drawers (not at the same time).  Between each load I run an empty wash cycle to clear out anything left from the last.

I’m also going to rotate the food in my freezer and make my shopping list of things I’m out of at this time.

Once all this is done, my husband is usually home and we can talk, read and have dinner.

Then its off to bed, only to do it all again.  Some things changed from day-to-day, depending on what day of the week it is and what holiday is coming up but for the most part, this is my day which starts at 0 dark thirty.


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