Learning a new language at my age

When you are young, learning to speak a different is somewhat easy.  The older you get the harder it can be for some.  I am one of them.  Part of converting to Judaism is learning to speak and read Hebrew.  It is impossible to convert with out these tools.  This can be harder, for some, if you are learning it online.

I’ve been studying Hebrew for almost a year now.  My first months of study was all about the basics.  Learning the Aleph Bet, understanding the vowels, nouns and adjectives, the “Shewa”, Hebrew word structure (that is not easy to get), The definite article, prepositions, construct chains, and so on……..

I also discovered there is a difference in Biblical Hebrew and social Hebrew (talking with friends).   There are words that can not be translated in to English and therefore you must learn that word without the aid of an English equivalent.

So may ask, “why do you need to know Hebrew to convert?”  Good question.  Most, or should I say some, of what you will read in Hebrew has not been translated into English.  Also, it is good to pray in Hebrew but only after you have gained an understanding of your prayers.  After all, what would the point be to pray in Hebrew and not understand what you are saying……

There are lots of books, programs, and online classes you can try to learn this language.  I went with an online class.  It is was expensive.  The program was 30 weeks of Biblical Hebrew A ( which simply means the beginning), for $131.00 a month.  Ouch!

I’m currently taking a course in everyday conversation.  This only cost me $259.00.  I will post a link to each program at the bottom.

Hebrew, like English, has many different ways of being written, spoken, and even read.  For example: there is script, Rashi, and yes block style when writing and reading.  You must learn them because they all look different when reading.  You also must learn to read without the vowels.  This will take some time.

I am still learning but I can read better now and I do understand little words when I hear them but for the most part, I am far from being able to hold a conversation.

eTeacherBiblical  and LearnhebrewPod  I also like Rosetta Stone.


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