#Ferguson : My Thoughts on an American Flashpoint

I noticed, to my utter disappointment, that not many of my friends talk about this case. Although, this is just the kind of thing I see them talking about when the person is Jewish. For days now, I have been trying to understand what makes this injustice different from the others. 1. the boy was not Jewish. 2. He was black. 3. he was said to have been a thug. 4. Will, I will leave that one in my head. A blogger I follow name Michael W. Twitty (we both have a love for food). put in words I don’t think I could have expressed. This all came about due to a picture being post of him in the street dead with food around him. I wonder if the person who took so much time to Photoshop the picture ever thought about the fact that a life was gone from the world. No matter what you think about the case in Ferguson, Missouri, the fact still remains true. It is still OK to kill the African………..


“…It was the corroboration of their worth and their power that they wanted, and not the corpse, still less the staining blood.”  James Baldwin, “To Be Baptized,” from No Name in the Street, 1972

I have been asked by many people to take a close look at the Michael Brown shooting case in Ferguson, Missouri and offer my opinion.  I felt it best to take a step back and really absorb all the circulating currents of opinion and matters of fact before I made any personal pronouncements.  This is my best attempt to answer that call, hopefully soberly, responsibly and with as much restraint as I can muster in the face of this deeply American tragedy.  This is inherently a blog about food and food culture, but anyone who regularly reads this blog understands that it also is a blog about social and cultural justice.  It is clear to…

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