A desperate call for help

A desperate need has arrived please we need donations now
Hello! My name is Nitza-Chana, I am one of the members of a group called “Sisters-helping-sisters” on facebook. We are a support group for women who dress modestly. Through our love to cover, we’ve found a connection–a bond if you please–that surpasses what we do in the way we dress.

Recently, we’ve received many requests from our members asking for help to pay rent, buy food, gas, light, and even water bills. Many of them have small children. These are not women who look for hand outs. Many of them work outside the home.

Imagine getting your paycheck on Friday and having to decide between paying your rent, buying food for your children, or paying the electric bill. Your small check can not cover it all and you must decide which of those three is most important.

I cannot imagine how difficult that decision can be for a mother. I cannot imagine what it’s like to look your child in the face and tell them that they have nothing to eat tonight. Yes, I know there are shelters. There are places you can go when you need assistance in America but they are not always available, and they’re not always convenient. And not all of our members live in America.

Today we have an opportunity to help them, keep them from being on the street, and allowing them to continue to work and support themselves. Sometimes, everyone just needs a little help. I’m asking you today to give from your heart to help another person in the world keep their heads above water. Here is the link to donate: https://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/sisters-helping-sisters/271430


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