Praying for others???????

Recently in a group that I belong to a member of the group asked for prayer but I did not know how to pray or even if I should pray. You see the person is not of my faith. Her form of worship is to a deity I don’t consider to be god.

I spoke with my husband about this and he agreed with me that it was best I did not say I would pray. The Person posted some verses for prayer she wanted other to say ( it was only a suggestion). Also posted some songs to sing and it was all to praise this god she worshipped. I don’t knock people that. Worship other deities I just don’t want to be a part of it.

What would you have done?


4 thoughts on “Praying for others???????

  1. Hy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts so openly… The first question that came up to me is: WHY is this person asking YOU, and precisely you, to pray for her? After posting even verses and songs, knowing that you are not of her religion, this seems more like using her personal situation in order to convert others! This is simply called: religious manipulation. I would have not stepped at all in a conversation like this one because it is sapped from the beginning, I don’t want to waist my time with not honest people. But this is just a small though after your small post… I might be wrong… I am sure the future will soon give you the answer you need! Shalom, kol tuv lakh!

    • I felt the same way. I could not reconcile her asking for prayer and then posting how to do it. It bothered me so deeply inside I think you are right, I think she was using the situation to try to convert am to her belief. I simply walked away from the situation, I did not pray and I did not engage in the conversation with her.
      Toda Raba for your words and thoughts on this issue.

  2. Shalom Chana, I read your post and I believe even thought you do not share the same beliefs nor the same god, That the Lord uses all things for His good. I would take that time and explain to her that your views and gods are not the same but that you will pray for her to your God and that you will be praying that her eyes are opened up to the truth. I am not sure what your beliefs are I can pretty well say that you’re either Jewish or Messianic from your menorah :). I take all opportunities to pray for others even if they do not hold the same beliefs. (I find they need it more for they do not know what true love is) I pray that the Lord blesses all that you touch in His holy and precious name. ❤

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