Learning Hebrew

One of the hardest things of our journey for conversion is  Learning Hebrew. No matter how many times you practice or how much you study it is still a difficult language. once you get something I mean really get it the excitement inside of you is amazing, to understand when you hear someone speaking Hebrew it is an awesome experience.  I’ve enjoyed learning it so much and I look forward to our continued study of this language.  it is one of the  most fascinating and yet beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard. Whenever it is spoken, you feel the past of all those that spoke it before you. It has a history, it was there in the beginning can you imagine that a language that we speak today surviving centuries?!!!!  well that is what the life of the Jew is, we have survived and no matter how many times the world has tried to kill us we are still here.

I’m sure you notice Ive started saying things like what “we”,meaning I consider myself these days as a Jew!  We are almost done with our process and I am so happy. It has been a long and torturous journey but one that is well worth the time and effort. In the beginning I could not understand why this process would take years, but now I understand. I can now see the benefit of taking the time to understand and learn, this is not some overnight process like in Christianity were you get baptized and that’s the end of it Judaism is a way of life everything about you changes, your lifestyle changes everything you do has meaning. who would’ve thought something as simple as going to the bathroom would change my life but it did.

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