Dinner Tonight

Most of the time when I cook I just throw a few things in a pot and see what happens.  Well, this is true for dinner tonight.  I got up this morning and put some 15 beans in my slow cooker with a few mixed veggies and some other seasoning and Voila I have a good bowl of soup waiting for me.


15 beans soup with mix veggies and vegetarian sausage




Well, I don’t talk much about being in Nursing School.  It is in fact a large part of my life.  We were blessed to get out of class early today and I was so super happy.

I  will be applying to the program this fall.  This semester will be the completion of all my prerequisite.  YAY!

I am looking at a few schools right now and will start applying next week.  Pray I get in one.

I will keep you posted on what it is like and how hard it is being in the program.  I am super excited about finally being able to apply.  This has been a long and hard road for me.  But, I did and I am ready to move on to the next part.

Spending the weekend with the Love of my life

Over the President holiday weekend, I got to visit my husband on base.  He showed me all the wonderful things he is leaning to do.  I really enjoyed my time with him.

All dressed for work.


His Job! Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center


Getting his orders. Awwwww he so sweet


All done for the day

We did a lot more but I did not take pictures.  OH well, you live you learn.


Enjoying my day

There are many ways I enjoy my days.  Some of them are just funny while others are as normal as anyone else.

Being in his arms always make things better.

Welcome home! I hate you have to leave again.

Just hanging out with friends and enjoying lunch.

No, I did not eat that. hahahahaha She did.

Having drinks with friends (Strawberry Lemonade)

Finding something that you love and it only cost $2.95 each set!

Finding the perfect wine glass set only to come home and find one has broken and taking it back to the store and they replace it

Watching the sunset, riding my bike and playing with my son.  These are just a few of the things for me, what about you?

Forgive in love……

Over the years people have done some really hurtful things to me, like wise, I have done some really hurtful things to others.  A lesson that has taken me my whole life to learn is forgiveness.  It is my husband that taught it to me.  You see, he believes that in order for one to forgive with a true heart, one must be in need of forgiveness.  I am such a person.

Sometime ago a man did something to me without knowing my situation.  He put his hands on me and pushed me down to the floor.  I was so hurt.  This man never, not once, asked me to forgive him for his actions.  He felt he had a right to do what he did.  I ask, do we have the right to hurt another person?  I had to accept the fact that he would never ask because he did not feel he was wrong, in fact, he felt I should apologize.  Really?  Well, years have gone by and I am still thinking about it.  I told myself that I forgave him.  If that were true, why am I still contemplating on this matter?  I have not truly forgiven him.

We seek forgiveness, we seek resolve.  We need the other person to allow us to proceed as if the action never occurred.  But, once we get it, what do we do?  Do we continue as we never did wrong to that person?  Do we simply ignore the person for the rest of our lives?  I don’t have the answers.  I only know this, when Christ forgives us, it is as if we had never did what ever in the first place.  Is this what we are to do for others?

When someone hurts you, you have as much a responsibility to forgive them as they do to you.  It can not be with regret or pain or even ill feelings.  You must free that person and yourself from all the anger of the situation.  Now, it’s been said, forgive but don’t forget.  How can I forgive you, I mean, truly forgive you if I don’t forget?  And, this is the big part for me, how can I trust you and prevent you from doing it to me again if I forget?  Again, I don’t have the answers.  I only know that we must………..

Deep love and care