Repentance – Devotionals –

Repentance – Devotionals – 

My morning devotion.  I struggle with repentance.  True repentance is something that requires a change in the heart and that is the hardest part of all for me.  I can forgive anything done to me, but to forget that which was done is another matter.  That is not true repentance……….


Weight (Update) 2013 Day 1

I find that I really don’t like taking pictures of myself since I gained all this weight.  I look so much older than what I am.  Sometimes when my husband and I are out people will ask if he is my son, ouch, that hurts.

The funny thing about weight gain is you become depressed once you gain it and then you eat to relieve the depressions which causes you to gain more weight, which causes you to become more depressed, which causes you to eat more… see the cycle.  It becomes a never-ending battle of weight gain.

I’ve lost only 5 pounds in the past 6 months and gained it all back in the last two.  I often lose this fight due to a lack of support.  Not just external but also internal.  I just don’t seem to motivate myself enough to get up and do something about it.

I really want to change all that so I am setting small goals for myself this time.  I think part of my failure came from setting goals that took to long to obtain and therefore I gave up………

Setting shorter, more obtainable goals will help me with success that I previously did not have.  Like this month,  my goal is simply to join a yoga group and lose 15 pounds.  That may seem a little high and if I find it to be I will change it next month.  The key is to keep things simple.

I don’t know if this will work but I am going to give it my all.  I need to have a positive outcome to encourage myself to keep going.



Happy New Year!

I was not sure if I should post a new year resolution.  I figured I never keep them, so what would be the point?  Then I got this idea from another blogger, Newlymissus, who said she would make a resolution for a month at a time.  I figured I could do that.  So, here is my inspired resolution for January:

  1. drink juice 3 times a week
  2. try yoga for the first time
  3. volunteer more and help more
  4. upgrade my blog to Pro, or find someone to help me make it better
  5. lose 15 pounds
  6. improve my baking/decorating skills
  7. study my Bible more
  8. attend church each Sabbath
  9. keep my husband on track with his studies
  10. work on my makeover
  11. Post to my blog everyday

That is a lot to do in a month, but I think if I stay focused I can complete it all.  I have determination to be successful this month.

I love they way she ended with a verse from the Bible so I will do the same:

I’m studying Romans chapter 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

Many times I’ve wondered what this meant.  Do you understand it?


Mr Clean

How many of you use Mr. Clean products to clean?  I use them all the time, but recently I found something that I fell in love with.  The new Febreze Meadow and Rain fragrance.

Mr. Clean

I love the fresh smell.  It leaves my home smelling as if I just cleaned it.  I know that sounds funny, but sometimes I use products and I can’t tell I just cleaned other than the fact that it looks clean.

If you have not tried this product, do so and soon.  You will love it.  It comes in other scents, but this is my favorite.  It was on sale this week at the Family dollar Store for 2/$5.00.

Check out their website:  Mr. Clean All Purpose Liquid Cleaners with Febreze.        There is a cleaning tip video to help.

Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper

I am always looking for things to help me clean my floors.  Having hard wood floors has been a challenge for me keeping them looking their best.  I saw this Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper in the Commissary for $9.99.  I felt it would do a good job on my floors, but I was so wrong.  It came with two dry cloths for sweeping and two wet cloths for mopping.

Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper

Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper

The dry cloth did well at picking up dust, but that was all it could do.  The package says it picks up dust, dirt, and hair.  When I was done the cloth had lots of dust but no hair, and I know in my bathroom there is always hair on the floor.  I went over the bathroom floor with another mop and it got up hair and dirt.

The wet mop says it cleans the floor but the cloth did not stay wet long enough to do the kitchen floor.  It did clean it well, but it took more than three cloths to do so, and this could quickly get very costly when you think about using it for the whole house.

I also did not get the citrus scent that the package claimed to have.  In fact, when I opened the package, I could not smell any citrus at all.  I don’t recommend anyone buying this.  I feel you will be as disappointed as I am.