Hummus! But

I love following my friend Michal who runs a vegetarian Facebook page for cooking.  You can find her here: Foodesigns From The Land of Milk and Honey

Click the above link for recipe.

I planning on making this for Shabbos.  I love Hummus and elevating it just seems even more yummy.  🙂

Check out her page.  It is full of wonderful treats and healthy cooking ideas.  She give step by step instructions that are very easy to follow and she does not mind answering questions when you run into a problem.  I will let you know how it comes out after Sabbath!


Up by 4am

Today is Monday and my husband, like any Monday, has to go and PT by 5am.  He gets up at 4am and we talk until it is time for him to leave.  Well, today I could not sleep past 2am.  So I needed to find something to do with myself until it was time for him to get up.

Here is what I did:

  1. Washed cloths, (3 loads)
  2. Made his breakfast and packed his lunch
  3. cleaned the living room and dining room
  4. cleaned the stove
  5. washed dishes that were left from last night
  6. reorganized the computer desk
  7. broke down some boxes that have sat for a month
  8. made the bed (once he got up)
  9. sweep and mopped the floor in the bed room
  10. spent some time reading the Tanach

All this before 6:30 am.  Now, what to do with the rest of my day?

I have a new camera and I want to lean how to use it.  My husband got me the Rebel EOS T3i from Canon.  Most of the new pictures on my blog are taken with that camera.  I love it!  I am still leaning how to use it, it can do so much and I don’t want to waste all the features by not using them.

I am planning to go out today and find some really nice shots and share there with you all.  Let’s see what happens………


LEGO—-good or bad?

Lego makes some really cool toys for kids to enjoy and keep busy.  My step-son loves to play with his logos.  He can play for hours and is always building things.  I love it because it give me time to clean, cook, or do other things that I would not have time to do if he were not playing.

Home 001 Home 002 Home 003



I love that he is so creative with them.  There are other times when they get in my way.  I often find them everywhere.  It really hurts when I step on one or two.  hahahaha

I’m trying to find a way to to keep them organized when he is not playing.  Any help?



There are many ways to relax your mind, body, and soul.  One of the more inexpensive ways is to create a place in your home that you can go to and enjoy.  This week I did just that.  With my husband being away, I needed something to occupy my time.  I choice not to go to summer school this time and allow myself a chance to enjoy my summer with papers, studying, or any exams.

My back yard was empty (except for the grass, bugs, trees and a few other things, like spiders)  I needed to create a space that was pleasing to me.  So here is what I did….





What are some ways you find to relax yourself?








This is the Newport Collection.  It did not cost a lot but it seems to hold up nice.  The grill is Kings Ford.  I like the old fashion way with charcoal.


The one thing I can’t share with you all is the wonderful sounds that nature is giving me today.  We are blessed to have red and blue Robbins here.


Auto Insurance

Help me out with something.  We pay for auto insurance for when we get into an accident, that is what they are for, right?  They fix your car, isn’t that the point of paying?  Then help me understand why is it that when you have an accident your auto insurance penalizes you for repairing your car?  isn’t that the reason that i pay my monthly premium to have insurance fix my care when I have an accident?  So why is it that when I need them, they increase my rates?

One woman told me at Progressive that she would have to prove if my version of the accident was true, she said “I am working to prove the other driver” and I said, shouldn’t you be working to prove me to be in the right not the other person?  She said ” well, yes that is what I meant…..really?

I switch to USAA and I must say I’ve never been happier.  They don’t treat me like i am their paycheck but their client.  How do you feel about your auto insurance


Mr Clean

How many of you use Mr. Clean products to clean?  I use them all the time, but recently I found something that I fell in love with.  The new Febreze Meadow and Rain fragrance.

Mr. Clean

I love the fresh smell.  It leaves my home smelling as if I just cleaned it.  I know that sounds funny, but sometimes I use products and I can’t tell I just cleaned other than the fact that it looks clean.

If you have not tried this product, do so and soon.  You will love it.  It comes in other scents, but this is my favorite.  It was on sale this week at the Family dollar Store for 2/$5.00.

Check out their website:  Mr. Clean All Purpose Liquid Cleaners with Febreze.        There is a cleaning tip video to help.

Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper

I am always looking for things to help me clean my floors.  Having hard wood floors has been a challenge for me keeping them looking their best.  I saw this Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper in the Commissary for $9.99.  I felt it would do a good job on my floors, but I was so wrong.  It came with two dry cloths for sweeping and two wet cloths for mopping.

Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper

Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper

The dry cloth did well at picking up dust, but that was all it could do.  The package says it picks up dust, dirt, and hair.  When I was done the cloth had lots of dust but no hair, and I know in my bathroom there is always hair on the floor.  I went over the bathroom floor with another mop and it got up hair and dirt.

The wet mop says it cleans the floor but the cloth did not stay wet long enough to do the kitchen floor.  It did clean it well, but it took more than three cloths to do so, and this could quickly get very costly when you think about using it for the whole house.

I also did not get the citrus scent that the package claimed to have.  In fact, when I opened the package, I could not smell any citrus at all.  I don’t recommend anyone buying this.  I feel you will be as disappointed as I am.