One Awesome Lesson!

If you have never heard of Rabbi Tovia Singer, I suggest you check out this lecture…… “Who is G-d’s Suffer Servant?”


Many of you may not know this yet but I left Christianity a few months ago.  Actually, it’s been almost a year now.  WOW!

There were so many questions in my mind that did not have answers in the so-called NT bible.  I could not understand how a G-d that loved us so much would leave us without answers.  Then, tell us to take it on “faith” that it was true.  Well, I have come to see that a lie will have to have faith in order make it acceptable.

I love studying Judaism and learning what the books of the Bible really have to say.  It is strange sometimes-understanding how one passage that I have understood all my life can mean something very different when put into “true” context.  I was so amazed what Isaiah 53 really had to say and mean.  Who knew?

In Christianity I always saw those that attend church service and give such Praise to G-d, but as soon as the service was over, gossip, backstabbing, rudeness and many many other acts of unkindness towards each other.  I simply could not understand this behavior.  I asked some of my friends, “Why do you treat G-d as if He is any one of the people you talk with every day?”  The same answer is always given; He is just like your friend.  Sounds good, right.  NO.  G-d is so much more than a friend.  He will never talk about me behind my back as they did.   There is so much you can learn if you just take the time to really study without fear.

Some of my friends asked me if I was afraid of leaving Jesus who, in their opinion, was my savior; my answer has always been the same, no.  I don’t believe that a man could die for my sins.  The Scripture does not teach this at all.  At this point they would start rolling off the famous verses from the NT that tell how Jesus died for my sins, how he wants to save me, how only he can save me, how I must accept this fact or I will burn in hell, and on and on.

I can’t say that this was an easy process, on the contrary, it was very hard.  It took me a long time to understand that NO man could save me, only G-d and that G-d never said he had a son.  I than started to look at where all this came from and found it was not from the Hebrew Scriptures.  It was man, plain and simple.

There were many nights that I cried out to that god seeking answers but how can a dead man tell me anything?  Moreover, yes, surprise, surprise, he is dead.  Each time I tried to turn back, I would read something that showed me how wrong that would be.  Now I am comfortable in my choice and looking forward to my complete conversion to Judaism.

In this lecture Rabbi Singer shared this story that really touched me.

One of the great sins about persecution is that the victim actually begins to believe that which is said about him.  Those of you (Jews) who said things about fellow American, those who are African-American has committed a great tragedy,  the great tragedy of what you are doing, the great sin of racism is that the victim of persecution begins to believe what is said about him.  It is a very great tragedy.  Many Blacks  now believe that they are inferior to the white man.   They began to believe that maybe we are prone to violence.  We are prone to crime, which is the great tragedy.  He went on to tell about one of his professors that was teaching an ethnicity class and that the teacher found out later that he was Jewish by a great-grandmother.  He shared a story with him about being on a plan and the flight delayed due to some mechanical issues.  He tells him as he was sitting on the plan that he sees a man working on the plan and as he started to look to see if the man was white.  He could not see the man’s face but once he saw that it was a white man he was relieved.  He said to him look at what racism has done to me.  The Jewish people are the same, he said, we began to believe that are no good.  When I was listening to this, I realized how hurtful it is for me what a white Jew looks or says something to me unkind due to my race.  I have felt, of all the white people in the world, they would understand and never treat us in that way.




Vayeira 18-22:24 (This weeks Parsha) 13 Cheshvan 5774

Be sure to study this week’s Parsha Genesis 18-22:24 (Vayeira) for Sabbath table talk!


Visit Parsha in 60 seconds on youtub each week.


This weeks Sabbath meal will be simple due to traveling.

Friday after sunset:

Green salad

Tuna Salad

Veggie pie

Mixed Veggies




Sabbath afternoon:



Lemon Cake



Jesus is Not the Savior!!!!!

One of my Facebook friends shared this post and I wanted to share it with you all.  It is such a powerful statement.  As an ex-christian, I am so happy that so many are discovering the truth.




Many of the people I have met on Facebook are not known to me face to face, but I feel a kindred spirit. That may not be the best term, but I suck at writing.

I was a christian for many years, even a messianic. When you read the Bible with an agenda you can make it say what you want. It will not make sense, but you can lie to yourself and say it means what I have been taught.

The last few days I’ve read some of the posts that Christians say about my Facebook Family and it makes me angry. They call people fools and liars and deceivers, mocking the way they believe.

The Tanakh is very plain and simple when it says…. Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear, O Israel! Yehovah our God, Yehovah alone.

Psalm 18:2-4 I adore you, O Yehovah, my strength, O Yehovah, my crag, my fortress, my rescuer, my God, my rock in whom I seek refuge, my shield, my mighty champion, my haven.

Psalm 18:31 For who is God besides the LORD? And who is the Rock except our God?

Psalm 18:46 The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior!

Exodus 15:2 The LORD is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.

These are just a few examples of Yehovah being our Savior. We don’t need another to save us…call on Yehovah and He will save and deliver you, He doesn’t need help, we do.


Posted by:  Teresa Stanberry Drummond

Vacation 2013

Now on to so much happier things…..  We took our vacation last month and it was filled with so many twist and turns but they all turned out to be such a blessing.

We were going on a cruise to the Bahamas.  We drove to Florida on a Sunday.  It was a very nice drive.  We checked into the hotel in Jacksonville and stayed the night.  I was not happy with the Hyatt Regency.  The lobby gave the impression that it was a top-notch hotel but the room was just like any Comfort Inn.  But it was just for the night and we had a really good time.

Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 001 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 002 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 003 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 004 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 005 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 006 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 007 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 008 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 010 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 012 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 014 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 016 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 020 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 021 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 022 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 024 Vacation 2013 Jacksonville, FL 026

Now here is where the blessing came in.  We boarded the ship ready to take off when my husband gets a call from his Sargent telling him he can not travel outside the US.  Well, we quickly got off the ship and tried to figure out what to do.  It came to me that I’ve wanted to visit/meet my new facebook friend in Baltimore.  This would be a 17 hour drive but my husband said “let’s do it” so off we went.

Vacation 2013 Baltimore Jewish friends 001 Vacation 2013 Baltimore Jewish friends 002 Vacation 2013 Baltimore Jewish friends 003 Vacation 2013 Baltimore Jewish friends 006 Vacation 2013 Baltimore Jewish friends 007 Vacation 2013 Baltimore Jewish friends 008



My husband wanted to do some music with his friends as well, so we drove to New Jersey to meet up with some of them and then on to Philadelphia.  We had such a great time.

Vacation 2013 New Jersey 001 Vacation 2013 New Jersey 003 Vacation 2013 New Jersey 005 Vacation 2013 New Jersey 006



Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 002 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 004 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 005 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 011 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 014 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 015 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 016 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 019 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 028 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 033 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 034 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 047 Vacation 2013 Washington, DC 054

Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  (1) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (3) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (7) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (12) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (14) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (15) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (16) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (18) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (35) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (36) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (40) Vacation 2013 New Jersey Deleware  008 (41)


We drove back to DC to visit some family and friends and attend Shul.  Which was amazing by the way.  There is nothing on earth like living in a community.  I felt as if I was home and I really did not do very much.  Coming back to our Post was very sad and dealing with all the hate we find here is even worst.  Living around people who only pretend to do the will of G-d is very hard.  I’ve often wondered how Christians can say things like “I’m going to take of my religion” as if G-d is something you can set on the table and pick up when you are ready to be “good”.  Very confusing, to say the least.

There are so many pictures I would love to share with you.  For now, this will have to do.