My New Dish Drying Mat

I saw a few people posting on Influenster about the Dish Drying Mat.  I had to try it so I went and got one.  It was at Wal-Mart for $5.00, how cool is that.

Dish Dryer Mat

I’ve used it a week now and I love it.  It is s space saver and it comes in lots of colors.  It also came with a dish cloth and a towel to dry dishes.  I recommend you get one or two.  hahahaha







Meal Planning

Lacy – Some Random Thoughts: Meal Planning Week 1.
Thanks to my friend Lacy who posted a blog today that really helped me.  She talked about planning out her meals to help save money.  Well, as you know, I’ve run into some problems with my bills and I needed ways to cut back and after reading her blog I felt this could really help me.

I love cooking.  And baking is on the top of my list of enjoyable things to do, so I felt this could be fun.  I will post each weeks menu and talk about how the week went.  I am going shopping on Sunday so for the next few days I will cook what I have in the house.  I wanted to wait until the Sunday paper came out for the coupons.  hahahahaha

The rest of this weeks menu will be the following:

Wednesday: spaghetti with veg meat.  I will make a loft of bread and kool aid.  (it’s what I have in the house)

Thursday: veggie chicken and stuffing casserole

Friday: leftovers from Wednesday (no need to waste food, and we always have some left)

Saturday: sloppy joes

Sunday: (I will start a new week so I will post that in the next post)

I am planning to sit down on Sunday and look at all the sales and coupons.  I will let you know how much I save, if any.  🙂 Also with the cold weather, I am going to use my Crock Pot more.  I can freeze complete meals to cook.  I saw a show where this was done and I will find the link to share here.  I liked the time-saving method the person used.  That will help me a lot.

If you have any ideas on how to save let me know, I could use all the help I can get.

Happy savings


Don’t forget to “fall back” this Sunday.  YAY!  We get an extra hour.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Well, I am learning a hard lesson as an Army Wife.  You don’t make enough money to pay your bills.  Today our phones were turned off.  I call AT&T and asked if we could pay the bill on payday and they said yes, but the phone will not be restored until then.  I was so hurt.  I am not one of those wives who feel entitled to things because my husband is serving our country, I just felt they could have worked with us knowing the Military does not pay very much.

I sometimes feel like things are never going to change in our lives.  I really want to complete but it is getting harder to do it when the bills are due and there isn’t enough money to pay them all.  Not sure what we are going to do but I have faith that God will work it all out.




My husbands unit PT Monday – Friday @ 0430-0620.



When he is done and returns home the PT uniform stinks.  I’ve been temped to tell him he is not allowed to come in the house but I love him and would miss him so much.  I needed to find a way to wash the uniform, not just to clean it but to remove the awful smell.  I found it with Clorox Bleach.  It works so good and the black shorts and grey top does not fade.

The tub was a whole other matter.  They PT in grass and often it is wet at that time of the morning so he comes home with grass and who knows what else.  I have to clean the tub daily.  This is no fun for me.  Needless to say, I hate PT.  Not really….hahahahaha

Now my Soldier can hug me again.   YAY!



House Cleaning & Storage (Housing @ Fort Benning)


I work hard to keep my house as clean as I can.  Sometimes this means I have to get down on my hands and knees to really get the corners clean.  🙂

How many of you pull out the refrigerator and/or the stove and clean behind them?   I am one of those that do just that.

Cleaning behind my stove


I know a lot of people may not see the need to do this but let me share with you my reasons.  Have you ever cooked and when you moved the food from the pan to the plate, something fell between the stove and the counter?  Well, it happened to me and I hate it.  I pull my stove out once a month and clean the floor, the side of the counters and yes, even the stove sides.  Once I’m done I feel really good.

I also get down on the floor once in a while and clean around those baseboard.  You know the part between the floor and the wall.  Since living here at Fort Benning I find I have to do it more often.  Having the “fake” wood floors I have more dust build up and it requires me to clean those baseboard each week.  I also find I have to dust a lot more now in the house.

I don’t have good organizational skills so I am often stuck with where to put things.  Cluster seems to be a part of my everyday life and I don’t like it.  In fact, I find I am always rearranging things just to see what will work best in what place, for example, my laundry room.  Fort Benning did not build these homes with the women in mind.  I have no space to put things in the laundry room.  Like towels, and sheets after they are washed.  They did not build a linen closet or pantry.  I am often left with the problem of what to do with things.

I often have to put food on one shelf and cleaning products underneath them.


There is never enough space to put things on the counters, so I was thinking of putting things above the cabinets but not sure how I would reach them when I need them again.

There is never enough space to put things on the counters, so I was thinking of putting things above the cabinets but not sure how I would reach them when I need them again.  I am not tall and getting things off the top of the cabinets would have to wait until my husband comes home.  😦

Things like my Crock Pot can go up there because I use it so rear.  My juicier would stay on the counter because I use it everyday.  Now the toaster is a problem, I use it very little but sometimes during the day, I like toast and my husband is at work.  I know, silly, right?  But these are things that I have to deal with to make space.  Maybe I’ll find a solution on Pinter.

Any ideas?  I welcome all help.  🙂


69 Days and Counting……Fort Benning


Wanted to do an update on my life as an Army Wife and living on Post.  I will also post a video which you can find on my YouTube channel Here.  I’ve enjoyed living on Post and it has its advantages, but there are some downfalls.

When I first moved on Post I thought I would make a lot of friends and hang out with women during the day over coffee talking about our spouses, kids, home, and Post life in general.  Well, I very quickly discovered that is not the way life is on Post for 80% of the women/men living here that are married.  Making friends is hard.  Finding someone who you connect with and connects with you is the tricky part.  Most of the women on Post are young, well from my perception that is.  A lot of the more experience women seem to live off Post.  But then, I’ve only seen about 10% of the Post life so far here at Fort Benning.  😦

My husband gets up and goes to work at 0400, I am here with my son (most of the time) and cleaning the house just isn’t cutting it any more.  You see, when I first arrived all I did was clean, cook, wash cloths.  That gets old real fast.  Don’t get me wrong, I still do those things its just my house is clean most days so it is not much to do any more and I am done by 0600.  Now I need to fill the rest of the day.

School is coming along fine, but it only takes about 4 hours out of my.  I still have more than 7 hours to fill before my husband is home.  Cooking may take an hour depending on what I make and then what?  I’ve tried exploring the Post and Columbus in general but even after 69 days, I am board.  I think people who don’t live on post feel like that is some magic that happens and Post life becomes a “Leave it to Beaver” type of life.  For those of you who don’t know it was a show in the 70’s I think that portrayed this perfect life of a family, although not Military.  Anyway, that is how I thought.  I couldn’t wait to move to Benning and once here I was ecstatic.  I thought there would be things to do every weekend.  I thought the Post would have something going on all the time and I would never be board.  I thought I would go to all these events and meet women and we would hit it off.  Sadly, that is not the way life on Post is at all.  It is the same as any life.  In or out of the Military.

There are no “magic” wands to make everything perfect.  Life here is what you make it.  You don’t become this “Army Wife”, what ever that ever meant, that rises to some status and gives you privileges.  Everybody on Post has the same stickers on their car, Army Wife, or some version of it.  Everybody has pictures on the wall, posters, banners and so on.  On Post, you are just a wife who has a spouse in the Army.

There are a lot of wonderful things I love about being here at Fort Benning.  I love our home.  I love the neighborhood we live in.  Some of the higher ranking Soldiers homes are not as nice as ours.  Hahahahahaha  I love that my son has others kids to play with all the time and that I don’t have to watch him ever few seconds to see if he is fine.  I hate some of the parents that don’t understand that a diaper needs to be changed once it is full.  The Baby should not be running in a diaper that weighs more than him/her.  I don’t like the fact that some moms thinks Post is babysitters and they don’t have to keep track of what their child is doing.  I don’t like that the housing is selective about what rules it will enforce.  I believe if you make it a rule it should be followed at all times or none of them EVER!  Don’t say that today it is OK to leave your trash can out all week and then next week say it must be put in the back yard or tell one family they must put the can in its place and allow another to leave it on the front porch.

Well, I could go on and on about life on Post but let me just say, at the end of the day, it is all about your marriage.  You don’t stop being a wife and a mother and dealing with all the drama that comes with it.


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